venerdì 4 dicembre 2015

Second home market: the mountain resorts are the most popular.

Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy are the most requested italian regions for the winter season 2015/2016 according to the analysis on the market for second homes in mountain areas made by the Studies of

The analysis shows that there aren't significant changes in the weekly rental for both off-season and on those high, corresponding to the two weeks of Christmas and New Year. Course fees vary depending on the number of beds available in the apartment: an average of a house of 40 square meters are calculated at most 2/4 persons, for an average weekly rent in high season of around 500 Euros for a location not between the top of Italy as Cortina, Courmayeur or Madonna di Campiglio.

The average selling prices continue to move on two different speeds, especially at the local level.
In the case of housing of high quality, that is to say with characteristics not only architectural but scenic and related to location (the popular tourist area renowned, easy access to the ski lifts, the distance is not over from the main capital cities are the most important requirements) values ​​are essentially remained stable compared to 2014; average general this means an annual change of nominal prices substantially equal to zero.
For average homes instead prices have suffered declines rather important in the order of 5.0% on average, especially in places that are not considered of absolute value but fall in a medium-high level of tourist attendance.

Especially in the Valle d'Aosta are registered excess supply that are the result of the timing of sales now higher 12 months. In fact, today the average is approaching to 10 months, although with some differences as regards both the location that the types of housing. In fact, at the level of locations, longer times are configured mainly on the markets of aforementioned Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy and Triveneto, not to mention the smaller markets of Tuscany and Abruzzo, where exchanges are very rare.

Stabilize the spread between the bid price and sale price that confirms close to the average of 10.0%, derived from a minimum discount of 5.0% (obtained more easily by those who buy the house directly in cash, without recourse to a loan) to a maximum of 15.0% especially when it comes to housing which must be rehabilitated and requiring the buyer to use the car to get to the lifts.
Poor demand purely investment purposes, even if the seasonal efficiencies are not so unappetizing and especially considering that the value of these homes, even today subject to write-downs, the time has always scored excellent increases.

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